YELLOWSTONE GATEWAY MUSEUM Welcomes the public to this FREE Family event.

Families may create Italian, Native American, and other traditional crafts, and the museum will be open for exploration. This month, Family Days is held during a storewide 25% off Black Friday and Saturday sale.

Make a La Befana paper stocking, which reflects an Italian holiday tradition that is celebrated on the eve of Epiphany. La Befana, an old woman, searched for the manger and baby Jesus, but unable to find him, left presents for other children instead. It is still celebrated in Italy today.

Craft your own Winter Count artwork, a Native American tradition that documents major events during the year. Artists can draw symbols and events that are personally significant and what they want to remember about the year.

Create ornaments for Christmas trees. The museum has wooden ornaments of local animals as well as painting supplies and other material to create a fun ornament for your display at home.

Family Days is a program at the museum held on the last Saturday of each month. Families can visit the museum and participate in different activities that encourage exploration of the museum through different themes. Admission is free. The program is made possible in part by a grant from the Community Closet.

Visit, Facebook or Instagram for updates. Call 406-222-4184 for details.  The Family Days program is held on the last day of each month and made possible in part by a grant from the Community Closet.

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