The public is welcome to attend this free screening the 2023 Walter Cronkite Excellence in
Journalism Award-winning documentary TRUST ME, followed by a panel discussion about
media literacy in our community includes local educators, journalists, and media advocates:  Joe Phelps, the producer of TRUST ME and founder of the Getting Better Foundation; Scott McMillion, award-winning journalist and Editor of the Montana Quarterly ; and Kate Lende, Park High School’s librarian and the co-teacher of Multimedia Journalism.

TRUST ME shows how an avalanche of biased news and misinformation is undermining trust
in society. Sensational media take advantage of our survival instincts to earn more clicks
and ad revenue with shocking headlines that we enable each time we share. TRUST ME uses
compelling human stories, facts and expert voices to show empirical realities and the right
way to consume media.  Learn more about the film online:  trustmedocumentary.com

Elk River is located at 122 South 2nd St.   More info, call (406) 220-8630 OR visit elkriverarts.org.

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