Philosopher and author CHRISTOPHER J. PRESTON will discuss his book, “Tenacious Beasts: Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think about Animals”, in which he takes a look at several animal species that are defying the tendency toward extinction.

The news about wildlife is dire—more than 900 species have been wiped off the planet since industrialization. Against this bleak backdrop, however, there are glimmers of hope and crucial lessons to be learned from animals that have defied global trends toward extinction: bears in Italy, bison in North America, whales in the Atlantic Ocean. These populations are back from the brink, some of them in numbers unimaginable….

Drawing on compelling personal stories from the researchers, Indigenous people, and activists who know the creatures best, Preston weaves together a gripping narrative of how some species are taking back vital ecological roles.  Each section of the book—farms, prairies, rivers, forests, oceans—offers a philosophical shift in how humans ought to think about animals, passionately advocating for the changes in attitude necessary for wildlife recovery.

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