Local Bucks


Just Ask your favorite businesses if they accept Buy Local Bucks


We Accept Buy Local Bucks!
49er Diner
Ace Hardware
Arc Satellite
At Home on the Range
Avery’s Art Worx
Back Porch Quilts
Bob’s Outdoor
Conley’s Books & Music
Elichai Fine Jewelry
Elk River Books
Hair & Nails Etc.
Insty Prints
Juhnke’s Montana Antiques
Moredam Art
Nevin’s Glass
Obsidian Collection
Parks Reece Gallery
Pinky’s Cafe
Rainbow EnterprisesRiverside Hardware
Spur Line
The Edge Salon
The Frame Garden
The Office Lounge
The Pickle Barrel
The Sport Bar & Restaurant
True Value
Tom’s Jewelers
Western Country Gift Baskets
Yellowstone River Trading Co.

The Chamber presents PARK COUNTY BUY LOCAL BUCKS. In an effort to keep money circulating in Park County by encouraging spending at local businesses, these Buy Local Bucks are designed to be used like a universal gift card. Though made of plastic with an authenticating serial number, this is not just another credit card. The Bucks can be used for gift giving, for employee bonuses, and for customer appreciation perks. They’re great for holidays, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions and can be used all year long .

A real BUY LOCAL program. The Bucks can be accepted by any participating local Business, Merchant, Store or Shop located ONLY WITHIN PARK COUNTY. Just Ask your favorite businesses if they accept Buy Local Bucks. Remember, the Bucks CANNOT be used outside the county boundaries.

The Bucks work just like cash. Shoppers can purchase $5 & $20 Bucks at the Livingston Area Chamber or at Bank of the Rockies in Clyde Park, Livingston, and Emigrant. When making a purchase, the Shopper presents the card to the local Business. The Business takes the card from the Shopper and secures it in the register. The Business also gives change if needed when a purchase is made, but the card should not just be cashed out. That defeats the purpose of the program.

Easy to redeem. Park County Businesses can return the Bucks to the Bank of the Rockies for full value cash or to the Livingston Area Chamber for a full value check. No fees, no deductions, and no membership required! And, if any Business suspects a counterfeit, they should call the Chamber before accepting any Bucks. For more details, call the Chamber at 222-0850.


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